Patent information search

The first step to use Patent2Net is a train to know how to search patent information using interface. This is the same way as the interface of Espacenet. You have to practice and use the available help. And, more especially :

You can retain the main variables :

  • Ti = Title
  • Tn = Abstract
  • Ta = Title or abstract
  • Pn = Publication number (the two letters defining the country of the patents office, eg : MA2008014520 ⇒ MA : Morrocan office)
  • Pd = Publication date
  • Pa = Applicant (society)
  • In = Inventor
  • Ic = International Patents Classification

⇒ Example : TA = “sardine” : you search patents which contain the word “sardine” in the title or abstract.

Credits: Patent2Net -started in 2013-. Open source licence “as is”. See Disclaimer

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