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 ===== Method 1 ===== ===== Method 1 =====
-  ​Collect Patents lists using as many *.cql (search1, search2[...] search9) as necessary (respecting the OPS limitations) with the only option  +create in the REQUESTS folder the .cql files with the fragmented strategies ​(the filename should be the same as the folder (directory) name) Example: folder1folder2 ​... Noteleave "True" only in GatherPatent,​ the rest everything "​False"​ ; 
-    - GatherPatent: True + 
-    All the others set to false +run the P2N; 
-  In Patent2Net directory, open a command windows and execute + 
-    - FusionPatentList2 search1 search2 [...] search9 UnionSearch +- execute ​the command "​fusionpatentlist2 nameoffolder1 nameoffolder2 finalfoldername"​ (enter CMD in the Windows window, it must be inside the folder Patent2net);​ 
-  Create a new cql file setting + 
-    - Request: ​the request provided by FusionPatentList2 +create another .cql file inside the REQUEST folder (remove the others .cql files) with the UNION term, leaving ​the GatherPatent ​"False" and the rest all "​True",​ using the strategies of each of the previous .cql (Ex: strategy1 UNION strategy2); 
-    - DataDirectory: ​ UnionSearch + 
-    - GatherPatentFalse +run the P2N again.
-    - Other options as desired +
-  Copy your cql to the REQUESTS directory +
-  - Execute Patent2Net normally ​+
 ===== Method 2 ===== ===== Method 2 =====
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