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Fusion of requests

To overcome limitations of the OPS api Patent2net provides the fusion capacity. i.e. fusion to collect more than 2000 patents

(ta=cashew* or TA=Anacardium) and (pd<2010) and (ta=cashew* or TA=Anacardium) and (pd>=2010) Fusion capability will provide (ta=cashew* or TA=Anacardium) and (pd>=2010) UNION (ta=cashew* or TA=Anacardium) and (pd<2010)

or i.e. fusion to use a query expression with more than 10 terms ((((ta=“kidney stone*” or ta=urolithiasis) or ta=nepholithiasis) or ta=“renal stone*”) or ta=“kidney calculi”) and ta=“renal calculi” or ta=“urinary calculi” Fusion capability will provide ta=“renal calculi” or ta=“urinary calculi” UNION ((((ta=“kidney stone*” or ta=urolithiasis) or ta=nepholithiasis) or ta=“renal stone*”) or ta=“kidney calculi”) or ta=“kidney calculi”)

UNION here as to be understood as an “OR” in information research

Method 1

1 - create in the REQUESTS folder the .cql files with the fragmented strategies (the filename should be the same as the folder (directory) name) Example: folder1, folder2 … Note: leave “True” only in GatherPatent, the rest everything “False” ;

2 - run the P2N;

3 - execute the command “fusionpatentlist2 nameoffolder1 nameoffolder2 finalfoldername” (enter CMD in the Windows window, it must be inside the folder Patent2net);

4 - create another .cql file inside the REQUEST folder (remove the others .cql files) with the UNION term, leaving the GatherPatent “False” and the rest all “True”, using the strategies of each of the previous .cql (Ex: strategy1 UNION strategy2);

5 - run the P2N again.

Method 2

This method is to apply when patent2net will be used only for this specific study

  1. Collect Patents lists using as many *.cql (search1,search2, […] search9) as necessary (respecting the OPS limitations)with the only option
    1. All the others set to false
    2. The DONNEES directory must contain just the list of datadirectory of step 1
  2. In Patent2Net directory, open a command windows and execute
    1. fusionPatList.exe Newdatadirectory
  3. Create a new cql file setting
    1. Request: the request provided by FusionPatList
    2. GatherPatent: False
    3. Other options as desired
  4. Copy your cql to the REQUESTS directory
  5. Execute Patent2Net normally

Credits: Patent2Net -started in 2013-. Open source licence “as is”. See Disclaimer

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