Downloads & Installations

P2N requires Graphviz software installed before use. To visualize online results JAVA is needed. To analise completely the patents, you need to install some further tools like Gephi, IRaMuTeQ, Carrot2, Freeplane and Zotero.

You should also favor Mozilla Firefox browser.

Downloading & Installing P2N

With your browser:

Follow these steps:

1 - A small dialog box will appear: click on “OK”. The download of a compressed folder begins.

2 - At the end of download, to extraction of the archives: unzip the downloaded file ( or in a new folder that should be previously created at c:\ (For example: c:\P2N-V2 or c:\P2N-V2X64).

3 - Open the unzipped folder created in step 2. Inside it, should be the folders DATA, Patent2net and REQUESTS, and the archives CollectETraite.bat, dex.js and index.html. The Patent2net is now installed in your computer!

Register the use of P2N

You have first to register yourself at Espacenet and get a key to data access. So you must (if you already have it skip this step):

1 - Go to the Open Patent Services (OPS) by opening the link

2 - Click on the “Register” button and fulfill the form

3 - Wait until you receive the email confirmation of you register from EPO Developer Portal.

4 - Log in the EPO Developer Portal

5 - Select the option “My apps

6 - Create and register the “Patent2Net” application

7 - The system returns the API credentials key and secret, similar to that shown bellow (this one is invalid, of course):


8 - Copy/paste the key in a simple text file. You can create a file using, for example, wordpad or notepad++, avaiable in The file has to have a unique line, without any space, just a comma between the key and secret.

9 - Save the file in folder created in step 2 of “Follow these steps:”, under the name “cles-epo.txt

10 - Before the use of crawler, is much important download and install the programs bellow:

Third party packages installation :


The installation of Graphviz is mandatory for the use of P2N.

1 - Download Graphviz on your computer using

2 - The zip file should be unziped in a new folder created in C:\Program Files (x86), for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\graphviz-2.38.

3 - Now, you should enter in new created folder, identify the “release” folder, inside it, identify the “bin” folder, and inside it, click in the line where is shown the path to this folder, and copy the information of this line.

4 - Access the control panel of your computer and follow the path: “security and system”, “system”, “Advanced system settings” and “environment variables”.

5 - In the lower window, click on “Path” option, “edit”, “new”, and paste the line copied at step 3.

6 - Click in “OK” option in all of windows.


Java is mandatory to display mindmaps (freeplane) of IPC analysis with P2N. Also mandatory to use Freeplane, Gephi for extra offline analysis provided by P2N.

To download Java, go to this link and choose the compatible version to your computer.

If you pretend to analyse huge networks with Gephi, better to install both versions 32 and 64 if possible.

Start the download and run the downloaded file :


If better network analysis of patent information is required, use offline P2N analysis downloading the networks, and analyse with Gephi software.

To download Gephi, open the link and click on “Download FREE

By default the Windows-compatible version is available. Click on “Download Gephi for Windows” if it is your operating system (1) or choose your operating system (2) as shown on the picture below to start the download.

  1. Open the file downloaded
  2. Click on “Next
  3. Click on “I accept the agreement” puis sur “Next
  4. Click on Browse to choose the folder location
  5. Click on “Next
  6. Click on the cases to chooses the options and on “Next
  7. Click on “Install” and “Finish

If you want to analyse huge networks, you have to use the 64 bits version of Gephi. To activate Gephi64, follow this tutorial.


IRaMuTeQ serves for full text offline analysis of patents (Abstracts, descriptions, claims) in separated langage (english, french)

To download IRaMuTeQ open the link and click on “Téléchargement et installation

Follow the instructions to download and install by clicking the link circled in red for download.

For other operating systems, it is essential to install additional software before installing IRAMUTEQ. Find details on the red box in the image above.

Click on “Download” as indicated on the picture below :

  1. Execute the downloaded file
  2. Choose a language
  3. Click on “Next
  4. Check “I understand and accept the terms of the license agreement” and click on “Next
  5. Select the recording location of the installation folder by clicking on “Browse” and then click on “Next
  6. Choose to create or not a folder in the Start menu and click on “Next
  7. Choose to create an icon on the desktop and / or in the Quick Launch bar and then click on “Next
  8. Click on “Install
  9. Click on “Finish” once the installation is complete.



Credits: Patent2Net -started in 2013-. Open source licence “as is”. See Disclaimer

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